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Thumb Rings

Do you want to purchase a ring that is different and will set you or your loved ones apart? Well, these handmade thumb rings are beautiful pieces that can be added to anyone’s jewelry collection. Whether it is a gift for yourself or someone else, these ethically handcrafted thumb rings will make everyone smile. Every purchase helps an artisan in an emerging country.

FAQs about Thumb Rings

What does a Thumb Ring mean?

According to a legend, it is believed that thumb rings can help protect the wearer from evil spirits. Many cultures worldwide have worn thumb rings believing that they can chase away misfortunes, spells, and sickness. That is why you can see many depictions of people wearing rings on their thumbs throughout history.

Can men and women wear Thumb Rings?

Yes! Most often, men and women wear thumb rings because they match their style. People put rings on their thumbs for many reasons, and one of them is because it will allow for more space on their other fingers.

Are Thumb Rings a good present?

If you’re looking for a gift for a loved one, this is the best solution. These thumb rings are handcrafted, making them unique for every person to purchase. People will be touched when they find out that you have picked out special handmade jewelry for them to wear because they will know that you thought of them.

Who doesn’t like receiving a unique present?

Why should I buy handmade Thumb Rings instead of mass-produced ones?

There are many reasons why buying a thumb ring made by an artisan should be your next purchase. These are four advantages to buying these rings: 

  1. It is harder to find because many companies will mass-produce rings, so everyone will have the same piece. However, every artisan ring is different because it is handmade. People will be amazed that this ring is special.
  2. If you want to add value to your ring collection, this is a great way to do it. Unsurprisingly, manufactured jewelry will not add any value to a collection, but a handmade thumb ring will.
  3. The materials used for these handmade thumb rings are of better quality than other online competitors. This is because the artisans want people to wear their rings for a long time.
  4. Some pieces come with beautiful backstories when it comes to the design or the creation of the ring. People will love these stories because they will be with the person who will wear the ring forever.

Why is a handmade Thumb Ring better than a machine-made thumb ring?

There are many reasons why a handmade thumb ring is better for you than one made by a machine. However, these are four reasons why handmade jewelry is superior:

  1. When someone buys handmade jewelry, it gives us a certain personality and feeling. This is the effect it has on us because we know there is no duplicate of the same ring.
  2. Handmade jewelry allows people to have more creativity and customization regarding their thumb rings.
  3. Many of the materials selected are ethically sourced, which makes them great for both people and the environment
  4. There are always new designs coming out because they want to showcase their abilities, which makes the rings more valuable and beautiful over time.